What is Innate Intelligence

Innate intelligence

What is Innate Intelligence

Innate Intelligence is the type of intelligence which is wired by nature into our bodies. Other forms of life are also gifted with innate intelligence by mother nature. Innate intelligence guides every action bodies perform without us even knowing. It guides different chemical reactions going on in all parts of our bodies. All the tissues that are being formed in our bodies are all guided by this innate intelligence wired into our bodies inherently, for example.

Innate Intelligence Examples

Innate intelligence is what makes a seed grow into a tree. It decides when and how a clan of animal will move towards a specific place for a better winter or summer season. Nature has wired ti into brains of all species. Innate intelligence guides the honey bee about how to make honey.

It is an interesting thing to note how brain of even smallest insects are wired about the survival methods and lifestyle they should adopt which is best suited to their bodies under the guidance of nature. This is how strange the nature is.

How Innate intelligence Works

The answer to how innate intelligence works, lies in evolutionary effects in Genetic science. Years of evolution and the lessons learnt by the species in this process for survival and transfer of this innate knowledge and intelligenceĀ  to the next generations of a specie has helped in creating and transferring this phenomena of innate knowledge through genetic process.

More about Innate Intelligence

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