What Foods to Eat for Dry Skin

Foods for Dry Skin
Foods for Dry Skin

We all enjoy the changing seasons. Our skin can definitely be impacted by that. Many people see their skin drying out when the cooler weather arrives. It turns out that what we eat can actually make a big difference on our dry skin.

How to keep our skin moisturize from the inside

Colder weather definitely means dry skin for many of us. While using the right products can help what we eat does actually make a big difference. So i talked to beauty guru who has formulated a meal plan that nourishes the skin from inside out. She had some great tips to share with me. What’s really interesting is that our skin actually has a natural barrier to keep the moisture in and that barrier contains omega-3 fatty acids. We don’t make omega-3 fatty acids in our body. So we have to make sure to get that through food sources.

Salmon Fish and Flax Seeds

Foods for Dry Skins

One of the best sources of these omega-3 fatty acids is salmon, really fatty fish, and flax seeds. Flax seeds are great because you can sprinkle them on anything. They’re really easy to digest. If you don’t like eating fatty fish and you don’t like the taste of fish, you can always use a supplement. What you eat on the inside is going to affect absolutely. We really need to eat healthy fats and you know very well that not all fat is bad fat. 


Avacados for Dry Skin

Avocados are great source of monounsaturated fatty fat that’s really helpful to hydrate your skin. ¬†Avocados are also a great source of vitamin e b and k which also help nourish your skin. Kit helps to keep that glow.


Nuts are a good source of healthy fat. Almonds are actually one of the best sources of vitamin e. Vitamin e in particular helps nourish your skin and also helps prevent UV rays from causing a lot of damage. We see vitamin e a lot of skin products as well. You can eat it to make a big difference. We can also sprinkle them on salads and anything you want. They’re a great snack.

Green Foods For Dry skin

We know they’re nutritious are they helping us skin wise though. They indeed has a bounty of minerals and vitamins and can actually pretty quickly bring your dry skin and tone it down a notch. These nourish your skin and get you that glow. People who eat a lot of spinach get a lot of relief from dry skin sounds. So greens are the way to go.  Greens are definitely the way to go. Cucumber and celery which contains silica which is a crucial mineral. It helps with elasticity for your skin and also combats dryness.

So there’s a lot of ways you can get these things into your diet for treating your dry skin.

Here is a video explaining the use of above foods for dry skin in more detail. This video also helped in creating this article.

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