Using Cuticle Oil for Healthy Nails

Healthy nails Cuticle Oil

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This article is about how to repair dry flaky cuticles using Cuticle Oil to get Healthy nails. Now with the cold weather upon us, you might notice that the cuticles around your fingernails and your toenails are becoming dry, worn, flaky and irritated.

Causes of cuticles

This is due to cellular proliferation. The sloughing off of dead skin cells and the body’s own  protective mechanism against dehydration also plays role in it. However, at the same time, it interrupts the even exchange of moisture in the air to the skin thus preventing you from having healthy nails and hands.

Remedy: Olive Oil as Cuticle Oil for Healthy nails

Now the best remedy for this is olive oil. You know I love my olive oil. Make sure when you buy olive oil you buy it in a dark bottle or opaque bottle or can, because light will degrade the efficacy of olive oil as cuticle oil. You’re going to take about a half a cup of olive oil. Now put it in the microwave for maybe thirty seconds.  Once it’s reached a comfortable temperature. You want to soak ten minutes. Make sure you’ve got a good something going on television or on the phone with a good friend long distance.

How to apply Cuticle Oil for healthy nails

Just let your fingers soak. Then we’re going to take a nice warm hot towel and wrap the hands in it. Once the towel comes to room temperature Take it off.  It’s done. Its work it’s over so you want to massage the olive oil into the fingertips. You should be pushing back the cuticle with the end of your thumb. Never do use the nail, never. It’s always just the back of the thumb . It’ll rub right down now what I like to do also is add a little bit of citrus to the olive oil. Citrus has natural anti bacterial properties you can use an orange or a lemon or a little bit of both. Also add  a little bit of aromatherapy.

Group Cuticle Oil Treatment

Now this is such an inexpensive great way to to nurture and repair irritated dry flaky skin. if you have a bunch of girls over maybe you’re doing a manicure party or whatever, make sure everybody has their own Bowl and just pop it in the microwave as I said 30 seconds. Soak those nails for 10 minutes and do a nice massage maybe on each other.

Thanks for joining me in the kitchen again I’m your kitchen beautician Robin McDonald please visit me at Beauty Highway calm and have a great day

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