Using Counting technique for Child Discipline

Child Discipline has always been something parents have faced trouble with. Let’s discuss about counting technique and why it doesn’t work for you. A lot of us as parents are tired of hearing everyone else’s techniques, trying them, and then they don’t w

A Behavioral technique not working for Child Discipline?

Whenever a behavioral technique doesn’t work for you, the first thing to do is actually check and see if you’re using it the way it was designed. I hear this a lot about time out or counting behaviors. A lot of the times they’re little things that we can tweak so that the technique will work.

How to Make Counting Technique work

What I need you to do is actually count something you want to stop. The one that I always have to count is whining because it actually kills my brain cells. So once we start the whining I tell them, “That’s one. No whining.” Neutral face, right?  Give them about five to ten seconds to make a different decision. They get a “two,” so we know we mean business, but by the time we get to three, something in your life changes.

This is the best part: either I’m going to walk away or you’re going to go someplace else but you aren’t going to continue to whine at me. Ok? So one and two, you can say something along the lines of, “Let’s try a different voice” or anything else, but if they don’t change their technique, then it’s done. Ok, so you know that your counting technique is perfect. You’re neutral, you’re giving them two chances, and something about their world is changing.

Still not working?

But what happens if it still isn’t working? Then sometimes we’ve actually got a kid that just isn’t wired for this kind of situation. Some kids actually start to feel more pressure as you count and then their behavior gets worse. So for kids like this, letting them know there’s a problem and actually starting with a brain break before any consequences or anything else happens. There are other kids that get really emotional or feel like they’re not loved or any of those other pieces with counting. Some of these kids actually need a hug first before there’s a behavioral intervention.

Get Help for Child Discipline

If you are trying counting and you know that it should work and it still isn’t, get help. Talk to your pediatrician and see if there’s other things about their behavior or their temperament that just make counting not a good option.

Here is a short video explaining Counting technique and what to do if it does not work. This video also helped in creating this content.

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