Some Great Winter Health Tips from India

Hi everyone. Welcome back to another article as winter has already arrived everywhere. It’s a season of cough and cold. I had been getting a lot of personal emails regarding health care tips specially for kids. Now before going to the details, let me take a disclaimer I’m not a health expert.

In this article, I have shared tips that I have been following since very long time and I’ve found good results. So I decided to share with you all and it would definitely be helpful. These are home remedies or health tips that could be easily done with the availability of common ingredients. Now all these are helpful for cough, cold, chest infections, flu and so on. These might be known for many but just showing out for those who doesn’t.

Health Tip 1: Lemon Honey Ginger Shots

Beginning with lemon honey ginger shots. For kids, I would skip the ginger and only use honey and lemon. Now let’s see for the kids squeeze lemon juice from one lemon, now add one tablespoon of honey into a glass then goes one tablespoon of lemon juice then add one tablespoon of water mix well. I give this three four or even five times in a day now let’s see for the adults great a piece of ginger squeeze the juice from it make sure your hands are clean into a short class add one tablespoon of honey then 1 – 1 and ½ tablespoon of lemon juice then goes 1 2 1 and ½ tablespoon of ginger juice  mix well and have it.

Health Tip 2: Shallots

Now this is the health tip using shallots which work wonders. This has completely helped my kids to get rid of cough and cold. Take one shallot and read it now onto the top center of their head apply this grated shallot you could even squeeze the juice and just apply that but I usually add the whole grated one and just lightly press it it would have that onion smell but believe me. This is one of the best remedies I have known from my mother’s sister applying this for two to three days will get rid of the chest infections very well cover with some hair if you could so that it remains in place now after applying this for one hour do give a bath to your kid I give birth to my kids even if they have fever cold or cough and that has helped a lot but I guess some don’t prefer

Health Tip 3: Onions for Cold and Cough

Next health tip is another onion tip which is quite common. Put into a plate chopped or sliced 1 onion. You could also add some shallots. Then at bedtime, keep it in your bedroom or kids bedroom whenever anyone has cold a cuff. Onion has the ability to absorb the bacteria in the air. In the morning when you wake up take it and throw it straight into the dustbin. NEVER EVER use this onion for cooking because by the time the onion become highly poisonous by sucking all the germs in the air. so it should never used for cooking.

Home Made Cough Powder

Next Health tip is a homemade cough powder from my mother. Now this recipe was chosen by my brother in Kerala upon my request. Make sure the ingredients are completely dry. You need dry ginger around ½ cup, cumin seeds ½ cup, black peppercorns ½ cup, rock sugar that’s the unprocessed sugar. You will need enough more than ½ cup. This is a spicy powder so adding more sugar will reduce the spiciness. Another thing is Indian long pepper. We call it tip belly around ½ cup.

Add everything to a blender. Just crush the rock sugar in a mortar. Pestle before adding to the grinder so that it’s easy to blend. Now add it to the blender. Grind well til it becomes a fine powder. Give a mix in between . Now store this in an airtight container. No need to keep it in the fridge. Make sure you use a dry spoon for having it. It can stay for one or two months, if you’re keeping it dry.

Health Tip #4 Turmeric Leche

Next health tip for winters is turmeric leche or the famous healthy dude which is common all over India especially in the northern side. I was not a big fan when I had it with turmeric powder and milk but when I used fresh turmeric and some other ingredients it tasted really good. So try it and it has amazing benefits. Here I’ve taken two small fresh turmeric pieces small piece of ginger black pepper powder cinnamon powder coconut oil that’s organic one fresh milk any milk now peel the skin from the turmeric you will be staining your hands but don’t worry it will fade in.

Put into a vessel great the turmeric so you’ll be getting around one to two tablespoons of turmeric then ginger that goes to ¾ to 1 tablespoon of ginger then quarter teaspoon of black pepper powder then add quarter to ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder then add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Oil is added for the turmeric to get well absorbed into your body. Then goes 1 cup milk, give a mix boil the milk in medium flame. Let it boil for one minute and then take it off. Now it’s very hot. Let it get reduced. It’s always better to have it warm than hot. Strain the warm milk to your cup as a sweetener. Add half to one teaspoon of honey and it’s ready.

Health Tip # 5: Dry Ginger Coffee

Next health tip is dry ginger coffee. We call it Chicopee. It’s very common. We drink it usually when we have cold and curve. it is really comforting and healthy to the body. Here again I’m using dry ginger. Take two pieces of dry ginger. you don’t have dry ginger, you can use fresh one but try getting the dry one. Then one teaspoon black pepper corns one teaspoon cumin seeds four to five cardamom pods four to five cloves a small piece of cinnamon stick. Now lightly crush everything in a blender no need to make a fine powder add it to a vessel now this is palm jaggery best for this if you don’t have admin or Mille jaggery but don’t go for white sugar I’m grating around 1 tbsp add it to the vessel then goes 1 TSP coffee powder. I’ve used instant one then chopped in 3 garlic cloves and 3 shallots. Now this is mint leaves just for a flavor. If you get Tulsi leaves or basil leaves do add it. Add 1 and ½ cup of water cover and boil it. When it’s charged boiling, reduce the flame to very low and let it simmer for at least 5 to 10 minutes strain and have it hot.

So these are some of the tips. I know there are much more, which I wasn’t able to share due to the lack of space. Do share your tips in comment section, So that, it would help me as well as the others for more Articles. Don’t forget to comment your experiences. take care.

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