Male Pattern Baldness Causes and Treatment

What is Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is referred to loss of hair on the scalp in men. Usually it comes with hair disappearing in an M shaped pattern.  That is why it is known as male pattern baldness.

Male Pattern Baldness. M Shaped
M-Shaped Male Pattern Baldness


The main cause of male pattern baldness is change in hormone levels over a man’s lifetime, and especially in the later years. A Lack of nutrition, infections, and some psychological problems can also be causes of male pattern balding.

According to a survey report, It is thought to affect 50 Million men in the United States, It affects a startling 50% of of all men by the age of 50 years.

Signs of male pattern balding

We’re going to discuss the three subtle signs that may be indicating that you’re going bald in the future. Most importantly, we are going to discuss how to slow down this process and even better. How to completely prevent it all together? Just from taking action early on.

Let’s make one thing crystal clear if you’re balding and losing hair, it’s not always related to male pattern balding. It can also be various other symptoms as well. So you just want to make sure that these are not one of them. Balding can also be caused by things like a deficiency of diet, a new pill that you’re taking that you’re just reacting bad to or just simply stress. So if you start to lose hair, go ahead and evaluate if you’re meeting any of these following criteria before you categorize it as a male pattern balding.

Male Pattern Baldness Genetics

The easiest way to know if you’re going to have male pattern baldness is to simply evaluate your family members. You should look If there’s a balding history anywhere in your family, in your dad or grand pa. If you’re experiencing some of the symptoms that I am about to list, chances are that it might possibly unfortunately be male pattern baldness genetics on play. Even if it is, don’t worry about it because as long as we can take the correct steps necessary we can slow it down and prevent it altogether. There is no doubt that male pattern baldness genetics is an important factor.

Losing Hair

On average every guy loses about a hundred hairs per day which is completely normal. Although that may sound a lot is actually not. ┬áThat’s a hundred percent normal but if you think that you’re losing excessive hair more than a hundred hairs a day that might be an indicator that you’re heading towards going bulk. So the easiest way to check it our two different places one is where you sleep and two is where you shower.

Male Pattern Baldness-Different Stages
Male Pattern Baldness-Different Stages

If you have black hair sleep on a white pillowcase the next morning when you wake up if you see an excessive amount of hair over there. It means something might be off and if you have blond hair or any other colored hair you can always use a black sheet whatever that can contrast that color.

The second thing is in the shower when you’re working your shampoo or conditioner in your hair and you’re really getting in there right and you pull your hands on it’s just clomp with a lot of hair and that can also indicate that you might be going towards going bald but again not to where you don’t freak out until you can see something visit like a visible balling snot.

Examine Temples and Crown regularly

There are just two main areas that are the most vulnerable to hair loss one is your crown back here and two are your temples so what tends to happen is when you’re going through hair loss your hairline and your crown are simultaneously just gonna shrink together until basically the front half of your hair is bald. And that’s just how it starts.

Male Pattern Baldness Signs
Male Pattern Baldness signs

So one thing that you can do is just simply evaluate your temples. Go close in the mirror and see if you’re losing hair. The second way is to evaluate your crown.

You can go look at a mirror and then take another mirror whatever and just shine that back there you’d be able to like truly evaluate your scalp and see if you’re losing any hair up here. You can also take a selfie for that purpose and take a look at your hair for any loss.

Male pattern baldness treatments

There is no specific one treatment that you can do to keep your hair but it’s actually a list of habit that you can do that will put the least strain on your hair. Which will ensure that you keep your hair on your head for as long as possible.

Stop Straining your hairline

One is to stop putting so much strain on your hairline that means if you’re doing a tight hairstyle where you slick your hair back and you know that you’re gonna be having a lot of strain in the front.It also happens when you’re still doing a man bun or if you’re just simply wearing a cap.

Focus on Diet

The second thing is to work on your diet your diet is a huge key not only how your hair plays up but how basically you play up for the rest of your life. Keep foods that are high in fatty acids like salmon eggs avocado nuts. Also put the food which is high in protein like chicken and steak all of those foods are healthy for good and they’ll give you your micronutrients and your proteins and everything that your body needs to grow stronger and to stay healthy. You want to avoid foods like you know burgers, pizza wings brownies sugar foods. Just avoid crap and just make sure you put good stuff in your body and your body will treat you what a good physique with good hair, good skin and overall a good life.

Stop using Plenty of Hair Products

Prevent Male pattern baldness
Stop Lots of hair products-Prevent Male pattern baldness

So the third way to prevent hair loss is to stop putting so much hair product and strain and unnatural things in your hair. It prevents your hair from naturally breathing and living. The thing is now when we try to achieve our hair cells, we have all these different hair products that hair pomades and putties and clays and hair spray and heat and everything and that goes back to the first point i made which is it puts strain on your hair. It really challenges your hair roots to stay up and to stay up in a certain direction and god knows what those chemicals hold which make their really stiff and hard for it to breathe. So stick to one or two max hair products and just use those and have some of those days where you don’t use a hair product at all. You need it and you just let your hair naturally breathe.

Seek Professional Advice

Lastly if your hair loss continues to progress and you start seeing false busts in your hairline. This is definitely male pattern baldness. There are tons of different natural options out there but either way prevention is always better than recovery. Recovering from hair loss is a pain. It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of money, a lot of energy and a lot of resources to bring your hair back. So if you’re seeing hair loss if you see that you’re balding anywhere. Start taking action now. Don’t just chill and be like oh it’s the power of nature mother. I recommend getting professional advice at this stage.

Here is a video containing some more details for Male Pattern Baldness and its other treatments.

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