Innate Intelligence Explained by a Chiropractic Expert

Innate Intelligence

Innate Intelligence

What is innate intelligence?

I think that explaining innate intelligence to an individual should be felt very natural.  It’s a characteristic of living organisms. There are all kinds of matter that exist and some of that matter is nonliving and some of those are living.

So, innate intelligence is life. That’s what innate intelligence is. It is the presence of intelligence through matter that that has the ability to show the signs of life, adaptation and excretion. The job of innate intelligence is to exhibits fully the signs of life and so that’s what we deal with.

All Individuals have that ability and if they have, then it needs to be expressed as fully as possible. That’s our objective in chiropractic. To remove any interference to the expression of that innate intelligence, in doing its job in and allowing all those signs of life to be expressed.

As small as possible, if innate intelligence of a person is able to be expressed that’s a pretty big job to do. That’s an important job. There’s nobody else that’s it’s really doing it. Some people are doing practicing medicine and practicing the relief of symptoms or the relief of medical conditions in order to allow that expression to take place but that’s not what we do.

Innate intelligence Definition

The job of innate intelligence is to run your body. It’s to make all the organs glands muscles work in coordination. Innate intelligence keeps you at your best.  You can allow that innate intelligence to be expressed by removing interference to it.

That seems like a full-time job and it is something that’s deserving of our entire attention. We should not be distracted doing other things. There are people who try to do that with other means and try to allow the body’s innate intelligence to function.

Difference between innate intelligence (Chiropractic) and Medicines

The objective of medicine sciences is to remove any symptom that’s occurring but that’s not ours. It’s not our chiropractic objective. There’s no one else that’s really doing that. We are focused on correcting subluxation in order to do that. The medical profession as a whole doesn’t even really believe that vertebral subluxation exists.

They’re not endeavoring to do it. Even if they do make an attempt to do some sort of thing to the spine, they’re not doing it for the purpose of allowing innate intelligence to express itself. They’re just trying to break up a fixation or treat a symptom.

They may have a unique objective to but their objective is not the same as ours. And that’s why i had no problem with those people in those professions.  They’re not trying to duplicate what we’re doing with innate intelligence. They may inadvertently be doing it once in a while, though.

Innate intelligence and Universal intelligence

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Innate Intelligence and Universal intelligence

If we’re not clear about what that means obviously we can’t communicate it to people. We can’t communicate and relate what it really is. If we try to communicate it to people and we have a foggy idea, now we mess them up. They’re not going to get it either.

The same goes with innate intelligence we have to know what it is and what its job is. In order to be able to communicate that concept to people, one of the things that I have from people that i respect and admire but they talk about innate – innate communication and how my innate speaks to universe or how innate helped them make a decision or how innate guide them in some kind of process.  It seems to me that really isn’t the job of the name of innate intelligence.

Does my innate intelligence speak to universe? No. Yes. No. It’s not a material thing. That’s the only way that universe would speak to my innate intelligence.  That’s the way to ensure.

Why People don’t Understand Innate Intelligence?

It’s not something that should be weird to people. Innate intelligence is so practical and logical. It’s just common sense to two people and i think that we have to present it in that common sense. People realize that they know that and they it’s common sense. So when we make it sound weird then we turn people off. Yeah and i think that’s really a problem. Yeah that’s unfortunate for that person because now they’re not going to benefit from chiropractic and it’s unfortunate.

The Way Forward for Innate Intelligence and Chiropractic

I think the most important thing is that we are cognizant of the fact that we need to communicate it to people in an understandable, in a common-sense manner and one that does not confuse them.  Maybe there’s something that’s guiding you and helping you, but it’s not innate intelligence. So therefore it doesn’t really have a place in the explanation of chiropractic. It should not be included in initial discussions so as to not confuse common people.

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