How to survive a Heart Attack when Alone

Heart attacks Survival:

Heart attacks are the type of condition that comes without an announcement, so many people get struck with it when they are alone and have to struggle without any help. If you suddenly feel that you are about to faint and that your heart beats “wrong”, you may have just approximately 30 seconds before you lose your consciousness.

What are Symptoms of a Heart Attack:

To know for sure if you’re suffering from a heart attack, you first need to be able to identify its symptoms. Classical symptoms of a heart attack include:

  • Severe chest pain (like squeezing, or a heaviness, or pressing) at the central or left part of the chest, lasting usually for at least 20 min.
  • Pain that radiates to the left upper arm, neck or jaw.
  • Profuse sweating and a feeling of impending doom.

What to Do?

People actually do not know that they can help themselves in such a situation i.e a heart attack .We have listed the following steps to remember and practice if unfortunately, you are the guy in trouble!

The very first thing to do:

Call for emergency medical help in case you experience a heart attack – regardless of whether you’re alone or in the presence of others. You need specialized treatment to be delivered to you as quickly as possible in order to save your heart muscle.

Start Coughing:

The most important thing is not to lose the consciousness – start coughing, as hard as you can and not to panic.

Take Deep Breaths

Take a deep breath every time before you cough. Cough long and deeply enough, as if you were trying to get rid of something from your lungs.

Cough and breathe every 2 seconds, without taking breaks, until the doctors can reach you, or until your heart beats return to normal. Coughing is a sort of compression,and deep breaths allow the oxygen to enter in your lungs.

Remain Conscious Until the Doctor Comes

Following above steps helps your blood flow and heart to function normally. This kind of pressure helps your heart balance its rhythm. This is the perfect way to avoid any further damage, at least until the doctor comes. So share this knowledge with as many people as you can, as you might save someone’s life. Cardiologists guarantee that at least one life can be saved,if only one person shares this information with 10 people.

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Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.