How to get Soft and Shiny Hair

Get Soft and Shiny hair

Hey friends. I have some great ideas for you to get Soft and Shiny hairs.

Oil Treatment to get shiny hair

Let’s start with a simple, at-home oil treatment. It’s super easy, super effective, and it will leave your hair silky and shiny. We are going to start with the base of jojoba oil. We’re going to add in roughly three drops of lavender. Add in more argan oil. Finish off with the rosemary oil. And then we are going to mix it up with our comb. it’s as easy as that. It will help you get Shiny hair.

Dry Brushing to get Shiny hair

So before we started our oil treatment, I’m going to start with a dry brushing technique, which is going to help exfoliate your scalp. So first, we’re going to start through the nape of your hair. And at home, you don’t have to separate the hair as much as I do. But I like to go in and just initially start in small, circular motions just to kind of exfoliate the scalp. Can you feel that on your scalp? Just kind of getting the blood flow in there a little bit more? It feels amazing. Yeah. It’s nice to sort of take care of yourself like that. These days, I feel like people are rushing through sort of taking care of themselves, rushing through brushing their hair– perhaps don’t want to disturb their scalp, when in actuality, you want to get more blood flow to your scalp. That blood is what’s feeding your follicles and creating healthy, shiny hair.

How to apply Oil

Now we’re going to start with our oil treatment. So I’m going to start with the ends and I’m going to take a comb. Dip the fine-tooth side of your comb in the oil. Start with the ends and start moving upwards through the mid-shaft into the roots. And at the very end, I’ll apply it to your scalp and massage through. The one thing I love about oil treatments is that you can apply it on your dry hair, go about your daily activities, and then when you’re ready, you can just shampoo it out and go. So after doing these oil treatments a few times, you will be so surprised. You won’t even recognize your hair. The amount of shine and luster you’ll get from it is surprising. It’s such a simple thing to do, but so effective. If you enjoy doing these treatments at home, feel free to experiment. Visit the whole body section and read about what each oil can do for you and then mix and match.

Shampoo after Oiling

Make sure, though, that you are using cosmetic-grade oils. I feel like olive oils and those type of things– topically, they’re nice, but they don’t penetrate the hair shaft and give you the shine and healthy that you really need. Now I’m going to start applying it to your scalp. And I’m going to work very methodically to make sure that I get it everywhere. So we’re going to do tiny little drops. Start at the top of your head, because it’s going to travel down– tiny drops. Then you’re just going to work it in slowly. And you’re going to give yourself a nice massage when you do this. Working back away from your hairline, out of your face and eyes. So now that we’re done, we’re going to put this in a bun real quick. We’re going to let this sit for at least 15 minutes. And when you’re ready to shampoo, I’m going to have you use a deep-cleansing shampoo and conditioner. And when you’re done, you will get soft and shiny hair.

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Here is a video explaining the above techniques in detail. This video also helped in creating this article.

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