Experts Views on Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Hello friends. I wanted to share with you today some interview insights about Best Exercises for Weight Loss, I got when I personally interviewed seven highly respected weight loss experts in this interview. I asked personal trainer Charlie Henry what are the most effective exercises for weight loss? Say,  give me three examples or just can become examples while you teach?  Saying all the way client to doing far to lose some pounds, well,  i mean the exercises that are the most effective in terms of burning fat are the ones that recruit the most muscle fibers.

Total body exercises :

Best Exercises for Weight Loss that work out a lot of areas of the body at the same time will be more effective.  I mean one that is really good. I wouldn’t necessarily give this to an overweight client. It might be a bit too advanced for them but something like a burpee. Where you jump up in the air and then do a push-up you know exercise a lot of  different muscle groups and also gets the heart rate up at the same time. This also sits like a card or resistance training in one second one in one exercise. Anything actually that combines sort of getting the heart rate up at the same time as resistance training. 

Kettlebell type exercises:

You know that the double hand swings and you know clean and military press will also do that. Going out of the gym things like boxing skipping basketball, sprinting, anything it really gets the heart rate up but also repeats a lot of muscle fibers at the same time would be very effective for burning fats.

When the heart rate goes up because there’s a lot of jumping around and it’s high intensity aerobic warm up. From there we go into focusing on total body exercises. Which focus more on the lower half of the body. So you know we don’t just do many isolation exercises, where we’re just working on one leg. A lot of the exercises we do work many muscle groups the same time. The main problem for a lot of people is that they might want to tone up some areas. They are not able to see the muscle tone, because there’s a lot of fat covering this area. So, it’s a matter both burning the fat that’s covering those areas at the same time as toning.

Traditional squats and lunges

For Best Exercises for Weight Loss, we also do what’s called directional squats. Directional lunges where you’re lunging and three planes of motion. So lunging for front , lunging to side, and lunging to the corner. So it targets the muscle in three different areas. We do a few intervals, for example, what I’ll do sort of bicycle maneuver for the abdominal area. It is for a full minute.

 If you’re a beginner :

I would say just the basic squats and lunges will be fine. For a beginner, then you can work your way up. Run from now in some more explosive movements. Do you separate the class or deserving try to do the same thing. I actually pitched the class at them, at the fittest people in the class. Harder the class is, the more people will come back. The more people will love it. That even goes for the for the beginner.

Best Exercises for Weight Loss:

You know it’s the hardest exercises , they don’t keep the people who were not there. It makes them hopeful. Within a couple of weeks or a few months, they will be able to get there. They’ll feel like they’ve really achieved something. So, I think that’s one of the things that makes people keep coming back. It’s hard enough that you know they really feel like they’ve had an amazing workout when they leave.

Thanks you for reading the Best Exercises for Weight Loss. I will be sharing more stuff soon.