Daily Habits for Beauty and Health

Hey guys. I am here to share with you guys my healthy Beauty habits. So huge thanks to you all for supporting this website. Today I’m going to share with you guys my beauty routine what I like to do everyday and what I like to do once a week. I find that these things are both healthy and they definitely take care of your outer appearance. They’re good for your beauty and health both. so the first few habits I’m going to discuss are the ones.

Automatic Toothbrush

So I want to teach you guys how to make a really easy do-it-yourself toothpaste I use traditional toothpaste a lot but this is a really great option as well if you’re looking for something a little bit more natural it’s half baking soda half coconut oil and then a few drops of peppermint oil very similar to those mouth melts we made and you can use this I put this in the refrigerator you can store it for for up to a few weeks.

So for years and years I used a manual toothbrush and then I started using the Automatic toothbrush which cleans so much more than a manual toothbrush I use that in combination with the Listerine cool mint which helps keep my breath really fresh so when I use these two together I definitely feel more confident especially when I’m interacting with people or I’m close to people so yeah these are a must-have recently I wrote an article on healthy habits for great skin but I also really try to take care of the skin all over my body and I have a few habits I learned from my mother and my aunt to moisturize my body after every shower.

Chlorophyll Water

I’ve been drinking chlorophyll water just a few drops of chlorophyll in my water since I was a kid and it has some peppermint oil in there as well I find it a little bit better tasting than water and it’s very refreshing to me it kind of reminds me of tea like a mint iced tea but there are many said benefits to drinking chlorophyll such as controlling body odor and a bunch of different things so I’m taking my vitamins with that so a habit that is not necessarily for external Beauty so much as it is for just feeling good and healthy is sitting out in the Sun every day for a few minutes just getting that vitamin D in the fresh air I also try to have fresh berries fruits nuts I’ll put them in a to-go bag if I’m working or I’m going to be gone for the day or for Oliver and I just like to have fresh fruit and antioxidants to reach for.


So choosing healthier snacks as far as weekly habits go there’s a few things that I definitely like to try to do I’ve always been a fan of exercise I like to keep moving I have a gym membership but I also really like to do at home workouts my sister-in-law actually really inspired me because she does kill her at home workouts she looks amazing and she does it on a budget she doesn’t need a fancy gym and so that was really inspiring I got these leg weights you can get them on Amazon and I do these leg lifts I do three sets of ten and then I also do sit-ups and I try to do that every I would say every few days every other day or so and I can do it you could do it however you want to do it around the house while you’re watching something. Exercise is something really good for your health and beauty as well.

Beauty Treatments

As far as beauty treatments go I do try to not wash my hair every single day but sometimes my hair just gets gross feeling so I really like to do a hair rinse if you’re trying to avoid washing it every day you can just take boiling water and add some fresh rosemary I took some rosemary from the garden you can let this kind of steep and then you can pour that over your hair for a rinse I also like to try instead of lattes or drinks like that I just try to opt for green tea and drink as much green tea as possible I love the flavor and it’s so good for you has so many benefits I just try not to drink it too close to win I go to sleep because it does contain caffeine.

I also try to dry brush this is something I’ve talked about a few times on my channel it’s great for circulation great for your skin I love it you’ll get this tingle all over your body so do this before you shower or bathe a few times a week maybe two or three times I also have other articles where I discuss with you guys how to do it at home manicure pedicure and also some of my hair treatments and things that I like to do that completes my daily and weekly beauty habits.  If you want to learn more, Keep visiting this website. I will be sharing more stuff soon on beauty and health.

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