Basics of Healthy Eating lifestyle

Health eating
Healthy Eating

I’m going to help you in adopting a healthy eating lifestyle. I’m going to use cutting-edge medicine and science to be able to point the way. Well I am  going to make it simple. Three elements quality, quantity and frequency.

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The first one is quality. How do you know you’re eating quality food? Well the first thing is here’s a tip. Look for five colors in your eating. That means look at whole foods. The richer the color the deeper the level of antioxidant and we love that. That helps augment aging. So you look at a donut or an apple. Quality what’s not to believe.


Now here’s where everyone gets an f-minus. I know you’re eating healthy foods but you’re eating mountains of them. Quantity means looking at the serving size the portion size. Grand majority of people are so confused about this. Even if you’ve got quality down to a fine science quantity falls apart. You have to read the label. Understand what a serving is. So that is you’re looking at a serving of everything. For instance oatmeal this is a wonderful whole grain but you have to have a half a cup uncooked. Then add some blueberries. People are eating just plain too much food.


The next thing you want to look at is frequency. Frequency means you eat every three to four hours. Most people leave years between meals. You don’t want to do that because that plays with your insulin levels. They go way too high way, too low, that sparks that horrible appetite to eat. Anything is not tapped down. So what you want to do is starting with healthy breakfast. In the morning here’s a little factoid if you don’t have a healthy breakfast every morning. Research shows you will never be able to achieve optimal body composition and be the healthiest you can possibly be nor maintain that healthy eating lifestyle.

So it’s important to have that healthy breakfast. Orange juice, you’ve got blueberries, you’ve got whole grains you can have good grief fruit and then it should go through the day. How about snacks every three to four hours? Means you got to fill in those blanks you could use something as simple as yogurt or cottage cheese. Why they have a wonderful blend of carbohydrate high-quality protein and fat at a little granola for some crunch. Lunch time comes around and it could also look like dinner that means lots of greens wonderful vegetables lots of colors too as well as lean protein. It means lean poultry as well as fish or even how about a veggie burger on whole grain. Eating in such way can surely be categorized as Healthy eating.

All of this comes together to say, we have quality quantity and frequency if you put those together then what you have is healthy eating at the cutting edge.

Here is a video explaining the above basics of healthy eating in more detail. This video also helped in creating this article.

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