6 Tips to Build Perfect Morning Routine

Morning Routine

What a blessing it is to be alive another day!

Morning Routine is a matter of Self Preference. I am so excited to share with all of you a few simple things that I do in the morning routine that set me up for an incredibly effective successful and happy day.  Now, instead of checking social media as soon as I wake up, which can lead to reading or coming across something negative that you cannot undo. That alone could just really throw your day off completely. So instead, I do a few productive things that are actually going to be good for me.

Recount any profound dream

When I wake up in the morning I recount any profound dream that I had the night before in my dream journal as first thing on my morning routine. I believe that by understanding my dreams, I am better able to understand myself, my emotions and my psyche.  Some of the greatest people of all time used their dreams for inspiration such as Paul McCartney writing the melody to yesterday in a dream or Edgar Allen Poe writing beautiful poems also inspired by his dreams. After all, you never know what a dream might produce for you.

Prayer and Meditation

It is something that I have been implementing to my morning routine because it helps me stay grounded with my intentions and emotions, quieting the mind and achieving a relaxed and calm sense of self.  It really helps me carry that same loving and calm energy throughout my day. As opposed to being reactive to my daily circumstances,  I am proactive instead about how I am going to feel and live out today.  I love thinking of one word each day that is going to be the main focus of my energy today.  I chose productive because I want to stay in the flow of productivity as I write this article for you, I definitely change up the words depending on what I want to feel each day.  Some days when I wake up anxious or on the wrong side of the bed so to speak, I choose a word like patience to counteract that initial feeling.  I also take this moment to express my gratitude and love to God for all the blessings in my life.

Quick stretches

How often do we just spring out of bed and go straight to tackling the day feeling tight and restrained? Quick stretches in the morning are important because it helps loosen up the body, kick start your energy levels, increase circulation and brain activity. These are just a few life changing things a simple 5-minute stretching in your morning routine can do for you.

Taking a Cold Shower

You probably are already familiar with many benefits of taking a cold shower in morning routine. I start my day with a cold shower, or at least I start it cold. It wakes you up and energizes you like nothing else, and when you finally turn the water warm, you appreciate it a 100 times more. I can honestly not enjoy a purely warm shower anymore because of how much better it feels when face the cold first.

Hot tea

I like to have a super simple hot tea to help speed up the metabolism to burn some fat and also detoxify my body.  So I’m going to discuss with you how to make the super simple hot tea that you can have as every morning routine.

Healthy Breakfast

I don’t usually have a huge appetite in the morning for a large breakfast but I know that skipping it is not the best thing for me love having green smoothies for breakfast to make sure that we are energizing and powering up our body we can be at high levels of energy to tackle our day effectively all right so now we’re just going to pour the smoothie and two cups to go one for me. I have been obsessed with green smoothies as I can get all the vitamins and minerals and all this amazing super food that my body needs.  So I can power through with the help of perfect morning routine and feel the most amazing throughout my day.

I hope you found some inspiration from today’s article please make sure to keep visiting HealthNobel.com and leave comments for me. Have a blessed and beautiful day and I’ll see you soon!