6 Steps towards a Healthy Life Style

Healthy Life Style

I am going to be sharing with you guys Six step towards implementation of a healthy life style. By healthy, I don’t just mean eat healthy and working out. Wellness is not just eating right and working out. we’re going to cover all of it.

Creating Right Mind Set

So the first thing that you want to do is check in mentally. Your mental state and your mindfulness is a huge component into starting a healthy life style. You cannot start a healthy life style if you are not mentally in it to win it. We kind of have to analyze where you are right now. You obviously are reading this article because you want to implement more healthy habits into your life. So start with your mindset. See where you are look at the space around you look at yourself mentally emotionally physically. Your space where you are right now and when you check in, accept where you are, because there’s no point in dwelling in the past or taking that negative mindset with you. Through creating and implementing a healthier life style accept the space that you’re in right now. You want to create mindfulness and mindfulness is creating space for what’s happening right here and right now. You don’t want to think in the past and you don’t want to think in the future. So creating this mindset and this mindfulness in the beginning of your healthy life style journey is going to be important to the success.

Our mindset is kind of like an iceberg. 10% of our mind is the reflection of what we see externally but 90% of our mindset stems from the internal reflection. We see our internal world rather than the physical world. You can create mindfulness through a multitude of different exercises. Meditation, yoga, journalling, listening to music, taking a nature walk , practice gratitude, positive self-talk, positive narrative, set positive intentions for your day. Little things like that can definitely help in the mindfulness Department.

Give Up Bad Habits

So the second step in implementing a healthy life style is to give up your bad habits to make way for the new healthy habits. We all know what our bad habits are. we have habits or things that we do in our life that doesn’t make us feel good physically. you know very well what that is in your life. Whether that’s a person, a job, your diet, not working out, not getting enough sleep, things like that you don’t want to be incorporated into your life anymore.

Creating New Habits

You’re gonna kind of write all the things that you want to let go of in order to create space for those new habits. An example could be if you watch you know so much TV maybe, cut one of the TV shows out. Instead of watching that TV show that takes 30 minutes of your time, go running instead or go for a walk or go to sleep early to help fix your sleep schedule. Take something negative, and create a positive habit out of it. But, it takes 21 days to create a habit. So if you are starting a newer habit make sure that you’re keeping track of that habit and you want to make sure that you’re creating realistic not overwhelming habits. You don’t want to like put all of your habits down and you have like 20 habits to do every day now. you’re like I’m ready to get started because you’re gonna end up slumping and falling and then end up quitting. Small changes in your daily routine will end up creating larger healthy habits in the long run.

you’re not gonna be seeing immediate results a lot of people just want quick fast immediate results and that’s not the case a habit is a life style and a life style is what you want to be living you want it to kind of come naturally rather than just forcing yourself to kind of go crazy for a short amount of time and then end up quitting in the long run

Walking 10,000 Steps

The third step that I have for you guys is to focus on walking you kind of want to aim for about 10,000 steps a day. I have recently been trying this I have been implementing walking into my life. I have realized that in order to get 10,000 steps that’s two hours worth of walking for me personally. So if you think about two hours start your day of walking that’s not a lot you can do little things to kind of get your 10,000 steps for example you can park farther away from where you’re going and walk to the wherever you are at the grocery store or whatever and walk back. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator if you have a pet take them for morning and p.m. walks if you work in office every 30 minutes or so go take a walk around the building.

Exercise and Food

The fourth step in order to implement a healthy life style is of course fueling your body with the correct exercise and food. Rhis is extremely important when it comes to diet and exercise. Diet always Trumps exercise. You can’t have a healthy life style if you’re working out but then you’re eating like you have to fuel your body. Make sure that you’re watching your portion sizes eat whole plant-based foods the more color the better. Also allow for flexibility. You don’t want to be too strict on yourself. If you slip up you’ll end up getting into a rut. So in order to create long-term success, when it comes to diet is to allow cheat days or cheat meals. If you want to designate one day of the week eating out or going out, I recommend it. If you don’t you’re gonna be so strict to the point where it’s literally going to plummet.

Learn Something New Every Day

Fifth thing to implement a healthy life style is to learn something new every day. There are so many different ways to get knowledge today. You can watch a TED talk, watch a YouTube video or listen to a podcast. I personally love to read you can work on your skills whether that’s cooking gardening art. Call a friend and have intellectual conversations. When you learn something every day not only does it spark your creativity. It also motivates and keeps your inspiration up. Keep implementing healthy life styles. Find new ways to implement healthy life styles and overall it just is such a great benefit

Nightly Clean up

So the sixth thing that I have for you is a nightly cleanup. When I say nightly cleanup, I mean your environment. Do your dishes, dust mop and create space for like a positive morning. Put your workout clothes out. Get your running shoes out if you want to run in the morning. Just create space for a positive tomorrow. No one likes to wake up to like a messy apartment or a messy room in the morning. that will just make you feel sluggish.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading all the way to the end. Give this article a thumbs up if you liked it. I will see you guys all in a future article bye guys.

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