6 Parenting Hacks to calm down any Child in a minute

Parenting hacks to calm down kids
Parenting hacks to calm down your child

How to get your kids to stop throwing tantrums? There is good news for you. You can stop your kids from whining begging and going wild for no particular reason if you follow some parenting hacks from experts in education and trusted parenting sources. We should know our enemy well enough to defeat it. In this case temper tantrums are the enemy they are very common in kids aged one to four.  More than half of kids let their frustration out at least once a week or more often.

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Why do they do it? They can whine to get a new toy, an extra candy or some other unhealthy snack. Maybe they just want your attention or our testing limits. By the time they turn three or four kids have much better language skills than babies of course. But their vocabulary is still not advanced enough to describe everything they feel. So what can you do to prevent your kids from going crazy now and then? Here are 6 Parenting hacks using which you can calm down your child in no time.

Make your child feel comfortable

As we already know kids often whine for a reason. You can neutralize that reason before going out shopping or wherever you have to go with your little one. Make sure they are prepared for it. Which means they had enough sleep, enough food and you have everything they might need with you. It won’t hurt to take a toy to the grocery store and it might save your child from begging for another one. If you are going out for a longer time take their favorite blanket with you. It will give them a feeling of home and safety when you are a parent you tend to take plenty of stuff with you. Even when you leave the house for an hour, if someone is making fun of you let them. The most important thing is that you both feel comfortable and prepared for whatever may come your way.

Let your toddler choose

According to specialized medical reference, it is a good idea to let your child choose. We are not talking about making life defining decisions like which house to move in or where to go on vacation. Start with little things which will make him or her feel like they are in control. Control also means responsibility.  They will of course not know it just now. But they will see how their choices affect what they do and how they feel. You can also go smart about it and direct your child where you want them to be. Just give them an alternative where both options are good. For example, you can wake them up in the morning and offer to choose if they want to get dressed first or brush their teeth. They will have to do both eventually but if you use this parenting hack, this way they will feel like they are given some choice.

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Find out what’s really bothering your kid

This is especially important for kids under two-and-a-half. At this age they have a vocabulary of around 50 words and can’t build a sentence out of them. They still have cravings thoughts and wishes they can’t just announce to you. You don’t get the message. They don’t get the answer. So what do they do throw a tantrum. Try to create a sign language your kid will understand and remember. Teach them to show basic words like food, milk, sleep and so on. This parenting hack can work miracles.

Distract your little one

You know how, when you feel sad or something is bothering you going out, with friends or reading a book can help you set your mind on other things. It gets better your child will unlikely be getting over a breakup or a job loss. But they do have their own concerns. As we know when you feel danger is coming the baby’s face is reddening or they are giving other signs of a tantrum to follow. Distract them. Let’s go for a walk. How about we read your favorite book. These are all great ways to divert your child’s fleeting attention. Even telling a little joke or making a funny face can help as a parenting hack.

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Become a good teacher for your kid

This last parenting hack is about becoming a teacher to your kid. Do you remember your favorite teacher? How about you become that favorite teacher for your own kid.  First of all stop being angry at them for throwing tantrums. A great teacher won’t be mad at you for not being good at physics. Second, teach your little one to overcome frustration. Show them that drawing, reading a book or cuddling with their favorite toy can help. Make sure you teach them words are much better heard and understood than screaming. Kids really want to do what is right but sometimes they just don’t know what that is. Explain your concerns and fears. Never yell in front of your kid. You could even make up an angry vocabulary for your child that would be a list of words to express negative emotions.

Here is a video explaining the above points in more detail. This video also helped in creating this article.

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