6 Natural Foods to Ger rid of Acne

Get rid of Acne

Hi friends. In this short article, i will tell you about how to fight and get rid of acne using natural foods.

Instead of buying countless over-the-counter creams and products and trying expensive dermatological treatments, i recommend you to include more of the following foods in your diet to get rid of your acne.  

Leafy green vegetables

Get rid of acne

While fresh leafy green vegetables like spinach cabbages are good for health and aid in digestion they’re also beneficial in lessening acne. They can in face help you a great deal to get rid of acne.


Get Rid of Acne. Healthnobel.com
Clean Acne from face

Cucumbers are a source of vitamins a c e water and amino acids which help to fight against acne.


Garlic Clean Acne

You may not like its strong odor but garlic will help you get rid of acne and cysts. It has top antibacterial properties that will improve your immunity.

Green tea

Clean acne
Green Tea for Acne

Instead of drinking regular tea and coffee which are high in sugar opt for refreshing green teas. These will cleanse and detox your body from inside removing all acnes.


Get Rid of Acne. Healthnobel.com

The top city tomatoes are not just a very rich source of vitamin c. They also have bio flavonoids that help to repair damaged or scarred skin and thus help to get rid of Acne from your beautiful face.

Olive oil

Clean Acne Olive Oil

Don’t use regular oil in your food. Opt for olive oil since it’s lighter. It will easily get absorbed in your skin thus allowing the skin to breathe and prevent breakouts. Its use help a lot to get rid of Acne from your face.

Here is a video explaining use of above foods in detail. This video also helped in creating this article.

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