6 Amazing Foods for Weight Loss

The new year might be a good reason to find a new resolution but we think that you should get in shape whenever you feel like it simply because this is the best thing to do for your body.  It all starts with a good diet to have the right energy to move around all day make sure you read this article till the end to see what you should eat in every meal for weight loss.

Today we are sharing with you 6 foods that might help you lose weight

Whole fruits:

You have probably heard about juicing.  Some people drink a lot of juice or even drink only juice because they think that it will make them lose weight but that’s not true. What you should do instead is to eat whole fruits that’s because juice is relatively high in calories and won’t keep you as full as solid food will so you’ll end up drinking more.  A whole fruit provides more micro nutrients for the same number of calories with more fibers.  The feeling of fullness will be increased and the absorption of calories will also decrease, this is why a whole fruit and a glass of water will be better for your diet and help you in weight loss.


This food is becoming more and more popular now that people know its benefits that’s because quinoa is not only filling but also loaded with nutritional value including nutrients that might help you lose weight. The protein in the quinoa is also harder to break down than carbs or fat so you’ll also burn more calories during digestion this is what makes it part of the best meals to start the day and it’s also very easy to eat quinoa every day that’s because this food has a neutral flavor this is why it works in many types of dishes and you’ll never be tired of eating it and it will help you greatly in weight loss.

Whole eggs:

Stop wasting any part of your egg when you are eating it many people stop eating eggs when they found out about their high cholesterol and fat content but surprisingly doctor said that adding a little bit of cholesterol to your diet won’t increase cholesterol levels in your body and anyway this risk factor for cardiovascular disease is not as important as we once thought. Whole eggs actually contain nutrients that are really good for your health including choline and sometimes omega-3. So,  if you like eggs don’t keep yourself from eating some tomorrow morning your body will thank you for weight loss.

Salmon Fish:

This type of fish is high in nutrients with reasonable calories and once your body gets all the nutrients it needs it won’t ask you to eat more than you should. It also includes vitamin b12 which is an essential part of your diet even though you want to protect animals that live on earth. Salmon is full of lean proteins that will make you feel full longer and does not spike blood sugar but don’t forget that there is no miracle food that is suddenly going to make you thinner.  You always need a whole reduced calorie diet and regular exercise if you want weight loss to happen.


Who said the potatoes were bad for your shape? Sure, eating french fries is not the best idea but there are many ways you can eat potatoes and stay healthy. A man adopted the potato only diet for a year to lose weight and he lost 50 kilograms, by the way, eating only one food is always going to be a terrible idea but it can still show you that potatoes won’t make you gain weight and they can still be part of a healthy diet.  As long as you eat plain potatoes instead of baked or fried potatoes it won’t affect your diet and also help you in weight loss.


We totally understand why!  Millennial love avocado toast and it has become one of the best parts of their diet this is because eating avocado is a simple way to prevent metabolic syndrome.  it’s a term used to describe a combination of three or more risk factors for heart disease and diabetes like high blood pressure or a large waist circumference.  Avocado has a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels and can help stave off belly fat which is the most dangerous type of fat.  This is why this creamy fruit should be added to your diet and is even better if you can eat it every day for weight loss.

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