5 Life Style Changes to Lower Blood Sugar

Lower Blood Sugar Life style changes

Hello Friends. In this article, we will be talking about how to lower blood sugar in diabetes. The best way to prevent high blood sugar is a healthy lifestyle. In that healthy lifestyle, there’s lots of different things you can be doing. we have the healthy behaviors made by the American Association for diabetes educators to lower blood sugar. Let us have a look on them.

Plate Method

That include healthy eating and in healthy eating, we want to look at plate method what also we call portion control. One of the biggest problems that we have is eating too much. So we want to get a plate that’s smaller.  Plate should not be bigger than nine inches. Plate method is a great way to keep your portions and thus lower blood sugar. You should be filling the plate once. Bring the food from the counter. Serve your plate rather than bringing the food to the table.

Three meals a day

Spread your meals out and then also with drinks. Make sure that you’re not drinking your carbohydrates. We want to make sure that you have very little soda juices, sports drinks like Gatorade and All the different ones that are out there. Now all these things are loaded with sugar. They don’t give us any real benefit to our nutritionist needs. They don’t really fill us up. If we start to drink we can drink a lot and add a lot of carbs or sugar to our body. yet we haven’t really done anything as far as what we needed nutritionally or feeling full. So make sure that we’re looking at a portion sizes, not drinking a carbs. This will help you lower Blood Sugar.

Fibers to Lower Blood Sugar

The other important thing is that we have plenty of fiber in our diet. We want to add fiber because that helps to lower blood sugar. Other piece that we want to do is make sure that we have plenty of activity in our diet.

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Physical Activity

I think it’s important to mention here that we should make sure that our kids are included in all of this too. we want to get people while they don’t have diabetes and that’s the best way to prevent high blood sugar is to prevent diabetes all together. So activity for ourselves, for our kids, and I always tell my patients that if we model good behavior as patients with diabetes or parents our kids are much more likely to do what they need to. We should eat healthy and then add plenty of activity to the daily activity at least three or four times a week. We should have an aerobic exercise a couple times a week maybe some weightlifting and then also consider some flexibility I always tell my patients if you can only do one type of exercise then do the aerobic. The best thing you can do for aerobic exercises, get out and take a walk in park.

Stress Management

We also want to really consider stress management. We want to make sure that we’re not stressed because stress raises blood sugar. So look at the ways to reduce the stress and then we don’t want to forget testing the blood glucose. Everyone with diabetes should have a blood sugar monitor. Make sure that their blood sugars are in good control. The best way to do that is to test and see where that blood sugar is.  The testing helps us look and see if the therapies that we’re doing are working. We are keeping our blood sugar down or not? So, the best way to lower blood sugar is the seven healthy behaviors. In short, Healthy meal plan, Healthy activity level, Monitoring Sugar level and taking our medications, if they’re needed are key to Keep diabetes in control.

Here is a Video further explaining the above lifestyle changes. This video also helped in creating this article.

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