5 Basics of Skin Care Routine

Hi guys. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about what should be basics of Skin Care Routine. So, first of all, let’s talk about skin.

How To Determine Type of Skin

I know a lot of you guys have questions on how to determine what type of skin type you have. Whether it’s oily combination balm or dry? It is pretty much really simple. First examine your skin once You’ve washed it.  Do you feel dry or you feel normal? Whether you have acne or you have dry flaky skin? Pretty much, those are indications of what type of skin you have. Some of you guys might say you have really oily t-zone but then the rest of your face is really tight and dry. I will tell you that your combination doesn’t matter what skin you have. You still need a basic skin care routine and the basic skin care routine.

Basic Skin Care Routine

I know a lot of you guys know out there is cleanse, tone and moisturize formula.  However I’m going to tell you today that this is not enough. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing is so basic that I do not even call it basic. It’s pretty much like breathing. You have to breathe, so you have to incorporate those things in your skin care routine. The most basic that I’ve narrowed it down to is really cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing and definitely, without a doubt, protection. So, those are five things that you must do for your skin care routine, it doesn’t matter if you’re young, old or you are female or male. You have to do all of these things.


Let’s go straight into cleansing. A very important part of Skin care routine. There are so many cleansers on the market. You have foam cleansing, Gel cleanser, Milk cleanser, Lotion cleanser just like gazillion types of cleansers out there. So, we really have to determine what type of cleanser you are at depending on. What have a skin type you have? So if you have really dry skin, I would avoid using firming cleansing because that would dry out your skin more. If you have really oily skin I would avoid using no cleansers because it’s too moisturizing. You wouldn’t feel cleansed after. So we’ll have a skincare you have try to find a good cleanser that best matches your skin.  For me personally this is kind of like my best two-in-one thing. Not only does it help with oily skin like skin patches, where I have. It also helps in empty aging at the same time. Which is what I need because I’m getting old. So you just squeeze a little bit on into your palm and then you lather with water and then just apply it over your skin. Make sure every old pot your face is covere including your neck as well. Then rinse it off completely.


The next step is exfoliating and like I said it doesn’t matter if you have dry a normal combination or oily skin, all of you guys will need to exfoliate. I might have mentioned to you this before that the natural life cycle of your cell is 28 days. So your skin pretty much have dermis epidermis and then the surface of your skin. It takes 48 days from the cell from the darkness all the way to travel to the surface of your skin. That’s when your skin cycle renewal is and your cells come up and then fall off . New cells come up in the fall off. So for you really, if we needed to make sure that you have removed all the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. The best way is to exfoliate because excess dead skin cells on the surface layers can cause skin pores to be blocked and therefore in turn, causes breakouts.

I make sure that my nose , my chin and my forehead is exfoliated. I usually use this like, three times a week but I said the minimal time I can use exfoliant is once a week.


Step number three is toner. I know a lot of you guys have heard mixed messages about toners. What is toning? Basically pH is a balance between acid and basic in your skin. Usually, we are seven all the way through. however sometimes the cleansers actually throw off that balance. So whether your skin becomes more acidic or more basic depending on the cleanser. what the toners does is bring your pH back to the neutral which is seven. that’s what toners used to do and that’s all they did back then toners nowadays are more efficient and more events now so they’re not only balance a pH. They also remove any makeup and cleanser residue they also prepare your skin for the moisturizer to go on later and they’re also sometimes do toxify the skin so it does so much more than what it used to do I do have to stress though is to avoid any toners with alcohol because alcohol does dry skin and it gives you a skin no benefit at all when I have really when I’m having problems with breakouts so in the summer and things like that I tend to go for the SK 2 facial treatment clear lotion and what I mean by how events toners are these days this also contains Patera which is obviously the essence of sk 2 the brand itself and Patera actually helps with skin cells renewals and it went on when my skin is really dry and flaky I go for something like this it’s a more of a moisturizing hydrating toner and I actually use this all year round sometime so it really depends there’s a tray that I kind of go in between in my Skin Care Routine.


This pot is very important and it’s huge item on list of any Skin care routine. Depending on what type of skin you have, you can find moisturizers from like high-end to drugstore. You could even use baby lotion in the way to put on moisturizer. I know a lot of you guys have heard of serums and like hydrating lotions and emotions and creams be like oh my god what are you guys talking about my the easiest way for me for you to remember how to put on what first is going by the texture so think of your skin as a sponge okay it absorbs watery liquidity stuff first.

If you have really dry skin, then you might would put on a hydrating serum first. Then you apply your moisturizer. When moisturizing, never ever forget your eyes. Depending on what type of eye concern that you might have you may like to cook them about lighter like gel. This is the miracle worker. it’s like a retinal eye repair so it actually kind of like gently peels off your skin. It’s like a really heavy-duty wrinkle removing eye drain.


Last but not least is protection because without this the whole basic skin care routine is out of  the door.  What you’ve done to help protect your skin will be like wasted if you don’t protect it with sunblock.  So the current one, I’m using at the moment, is the Chanel UV essential and basically it’s an SPF of 50. I would not recommend anything more than SPF 50 as it does become really rich and oily. It can cause problems. You can clog up your pores if you don’t cleanse it off properly.

So remember to cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize and protection. Five basic rules of your basic skin care routine. It doesn’t matter what brand you’re using. What products you are using as long as you’re doing the five basic things. You’re set. so thank you guys for reading I hope this article was helpful. If you have any question feel free to leave in comments, I will write on them soon.

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