4 Tips to reach a Healthy Life Style

Healthy Life style

Hello friends. This article has information about practicing 4 everyday tips for getting you to a Healthy Life Style. . If you have any questions about this program, talk with your healthcare provider. Here are four health tips.  To eat healthy, lesser screen time, more physical activity and exercise and drink less sugar.

Eating more fruits and vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables helps provide your body with vitamins and minerals which are very important for your growth and health you can fit more fruits and vegetables into your life. Don’t be afraid to try it mix it and slice it.  Follow the three bite rule and try at least three bites of each vegetable or fruit you eat.  Did you know it can take seven to ten tries before you like a new food. You can also dip fruits and vegetables in low-fat dressings yogurt or even peanut butter.  Go ahead and try it add fruits and vegetables to the foods you already enjoy.  Add vegetables to your pizza soup or noodles. Add fruits to cereals and other breakfast foods. Go ahead and mix it. Having vegetables and fruits already cut into small pieces or sliced can help make it easier to eat healthier. Because they are ready to grab as you go about your busy day and if you prefer crunchy over soft foods, it’s best to eat fruits and vegetables fresh or lightly steamed. following this you will move towards a healthy life style.

Lesser screens for healthy life style

Lessening your time in front of screens such as a television computer cell phone or an electronic game. This is hard in a world that has many computer and electronic devices. But lessening your time in front of screens can help you live a healthy life.  To help lessen your television watching, don’t watch television or get on your computer or phone until after you have finished your office work in shores. Also don’t watch television when you eat make meals family time then talk about your day.  It can be helpful to use a timer to help keep track of how much time is spent in front of a screen.  It can also be helpful educational and fun to make television watching a family activity.  Family members can talk to each other about the program being watched.This will take you further iin achieving a healthy life style.

Getting at least one hour of physical activity

Every day moving one hour every day helps you feel better. Keep a healthy weight and strengthens your heart.  Physical activity or exercise also makes the total you stronger. There are lots of fun ways to move about. You can go on walks with your family, play with your pet, take a bike ride dance, jump rope walk or run rollerblade hike. These are essential part of healthy life style. Moderate physical activity includes doing things where you breathe hard like hiking or dancing. Vigorous physical activity means doing things where you sweat a lot. Such as running or playing soccer it’s important to do both types of activity every week.

Drinking water and low-fat milk

Drink water and low-fat milk instead of drinks with lots of sugar such as soda or pop or energy drinks. Although soda and pop might taste yummy, it gives no nutrients to your body. Water is an important fuel for your body. Drinking low-fat milk is also a better choice than drinking sweetened with sugar. Always remember water and low-fat milk are the best choices for a healthier you. You can drink more water even small changes. It can help keep bottled water nearby drink water instead of soda or pop and drink water whenever you are thirsty. Doing these things can help you drink more water every day. To add flavor to your water, you can add fruits such as lemon lime or orange wedges.

This video below further explains the above tips to get a healthy life style. This video also helped in crating this article.

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