3 Skin care Beauty Masks Tips by Experts

Skin care Beauty tips
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Hello everybody. I’m here to share with you three different kinds of exfoliation and masks tips will help you keep your skin in great health as well as beautiful. So, here are three skin care beauty tips as recommended by Skin care experts.

Lip scrub

The first skin care Beauty Tip goes here. So we’re gonna do a lip scrub. As you can tell my lips are one of my more prominent features. I take a little sea salt. Depending on the size of your lips you decide how much to put 100 percent pure vegetable glycerin and then a little bit of rose water. It’s gentle in your mouth. This is a body scrub. It’s an exfoliator hydrator. It moisturizes and heals. But please try it on your hand to see if you’re allergic or not.

Magic skin mask

The Second Skin care beauty Tip goes here. Take one cup of gram flour and then 1 cup of yogurt. Yogurt should not be flavored. It should be plain.  Mash into a paste and add a little bit of lemon. You may also add little milk to it. Now add the magic ingredient that is , some sandalwood powder in there. My best and most favorite ingredient which works for everything is turmeric. It might give you a little bit of a yellowish hue. So be careful about how much you put in. Put it on on your entire body and just hang out a little bit. If you have oily skin then maybe use like skim milk and like low-fat yogurt or no fat yogurt. The idea of it is to scrub it off of so it literally exfoliates and then you shower and you get rid of whatever excess is on your hand.

Scalp treatment

This skin care beauty tip is usually useful if you have a dry scalp or if you have dandruff. You start with full fat yogurt. The yogurt helps hydrate the scalp and cool it down. Add a teaspoon of honey, my secret ingredient. Also add an egg.  Apparently there’s really severe hair fall. You keep it for 30 minutes and you wash it off with like baby shampoo or just like warm water. I hope this works for you guys. It really does work for me. This has been taught to us by our moms and grand mom’s little secrets that i wanted to share with you.

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