3 Bad Parenting Habits you must Avoid

I want to share with parents who are having problems with their child as young as one year old – as a teen you are struggling . He is back answering. She’s disrespectful. She’s just not in control and you are going crazy. At the end you are getting so frustrated that you probably start yelling hitting or even verbally abusing your child. So i have a challenge. Three golden rules that i apply to my kids being a parent of two kids. These are the three golden rules which are basically 3 bad parenting things to avoid. I believe if each and every parent out there who is having struggle with their child will get results. What i mean is, you will be able to relate to your child, think like your child and you will be able to help your child. What are the three rules?

Bad Parenting #1: Yelling

The first rule is when your child does not listen to you and you want the child to do something right according to you your schedule, your wants, and your time. The child is just not listening and doing what you want the child to do. The first golden rule is you stop yelling. So now there is a difference between you say can you please eat your food can you please do this i would appreciate if you wear your clothes or study or do whatever your request is. That is communication  but we see parents don’t communicate with their child anymore. They’re so frustrated they’re like how many times i have to tell you. You are not doing this. You don’t listen. This is yelling. When you start yelling your child shuts off the first golden rule stop yelling.

Bad Parenting #2: Verbal Abuse

Bad Parenting

The second golden rule is when the yelling continues so you keep on yelling you yell yell and the child obviously does not feel good about him or herself and he or she stops listening and you know getting what you really want. Anyway you get more frustrated right. So the yelling continues.

Which you should not be doing is verbal abuse and this is by far the most ridiculous thing which we get to hear from parents. Where parents are calling their child you’re an idiot. You are stupid. You are good for nothing. why were you even born and you’re your disaster. Your mistake and you’re you are making my life miserable and these are the things which parents tell a two-year-old a foyer a six-year do you realize coming from a mother or father these words can literally kill the child mind emotion upbringing values they stop loving themselves because they are hearing these things from the two most important person in their life the father and the mother.

To the extremes i’ve heard people saying. why were you even born? i don’t understand if you have brought this child to life. A mother has kept the child for nine months in her womb and then maybe the mother is so frost with the child that there is no love. There is no empathy. there’s verbal abuse i really want to help you understand that verbal abuse should absolutely not be done. No matter what the situation or circumstance are there, you should not do this bad parenting thing.

Bad Parenting #3: Hitting your Child Physically

The third golden rule that all parents should follow is hitting you should not hit your child so when you start abusing your child and your child is not doing something. You’re yelling and then what. What else do you have you know he or she is not listening they don’t budge they show you the hand they give you the depth you’re right very tempting to go and start hitting so you hit the child you beat the child. You pinch the child. You have something in your hand you throw it at the child. This verbal abuse moves into physical form and most often the child if he is young vulnerable. The child cannot retaliate so the child just kind of gets more into his or her shell. He/she just does know how to communicate and that just makes everything worst.  So what i want to highly highly recommend all you parents out there that please follow these three golden rules.

So these are the 3 bad parenting thing to avoid in your parenting regime. You will have the results of change in behavior of child by consistently applying these rules in your parenting hard times.

Here is a video explaining the above 3 bad parenting things to avoid. This video also helped in creating this article.

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